YouTube – The Untapped Traffic Generation Source?

When it comes to SEO strategies, there’s always a lot of buzz about article marketing, social media, guest posting, blog commenting, and all kinds of link building strategies I’m sure you’ve read about.

However, there’s one strategy that often gets left out of the mix and it involves the #2 search engine on the Web…


And if you aren’t using it, you are leaving traffic and exposure on the table.

Shame on you! 🙂

Now, what’s so groovy about YouTube is there is a double bonus:

  • You can gain exposure through searches on YouTube
  • Your videos can rank in Google Search individually

And unlike Google.comthe majority of your competitors have no presence there.

After all, many people are simply too ashamed of how they look, talk, smile, blink, breathe, or sit.

The rest don’t want to be bothered with the technical details of creating and editing their videos.

So because of that, YouTube is far less competitive than Google when it comes to SEO.

Many of my videos rank for pretty competitive one and two-word phrases that I would NEVER rank for on

So if that’s not enough motivation to warm up those vocal chords and press record, then I’m not sure what to say about you. 😉

It’s Not Magic

Now I should mention that YouTube is not an instant traffic source.

People don’t just tune in because you have a channel.

Just like content, your videos have to be good enough to be liked, shared, favorited and embedded to gain that all-important SEO advantage.

The more this happens, the greater the chance they will rank high in both YouTubeand Google.

Of course creating great titles, descriptions and keywords helps (with assistance from the YouTube suggestion tool), but ultimately the popularity is what will determine how visible your video will be.

So How Can YouTube Build Traffic to My Site?

I’m glad you asked.

Of course, not every person who watches your video is going to translate into a visit to your site, but there are things you can do to encourage people to visit:

  • Always put your website address within the first few characters of the description.
  • Use text overlays or the Annotations feature with your URL.
  • Create a teaser video that mentions an interesting article and direct them to the description for the link.
  • Start a contest and point your visitors back to your site to enter.
  • Add your website URL to your YouTube homepage.  It’s a nofollow link, but can still provide some click traffic.

What About The SEO Benefits of Embedding Videos?

You may be wondering if embedding videos into your content pages will affect their SEO.

Not directly because iFrame code cannot be spidered by Google.

However, you can create a video sitemap, which helps the engines to find and spider your video content.

So even though there are no direct benefits from embedding, there are still some indirect bonuses:

  • Your visitors can rate embedded videos at the end, so these votes will impact the video’s SEO for YouTube and Google.
  • If you add a relevant video to a popular page, you can make it even more popular with the added value video can bring.  More people may share your content via social media, which could have indirect SEO benefits for the video down the line.
  • Some people prefer to watch video, while others would rather read text.  For certain tutorials, I’ll embed the video at the top of the page for those who prefer a visual and provide a text version underneath.

So if you create a video and don’t currently have a content page for it, that last tip comes in handy.

Now your video is doing double duty: it can generate traffic from YouTube and Google, while paving the way for a new content page.

See an example with my WordPress header tutorial that I just launched.

By the way, did you happen to notice the rating request underneath the video?

Take note!

It never hurts to ask your viewers to rate your content — as long as you ask nicely, of course. 😉

How to Build a Following on YouTube

Now, that I’ve hyped up the wonders of YouTube, I’ll leave you with some actionable tips you can implement immediately to rev up those subscribers!

I recently published a two-part video that outlines many of my strategies.

In the first video, you will learn more about the importance of using the YouTube keyword tool, targeting your videos and strategies for uploading video responses…

In the second video, you’ll discover the importance of creating playlists for your videos and more…

Stop Missing Out!

So hopefully you can see the traffic and exposure potential that video provides.

Not only can video improve the quality of your existing pages, but creating YouTube videos allows you to develop a completely separate traffic stream to your website!

And speaking of traffic streams, here’s my referral traffic from YouTube last month.

YouTube Traffic

Not too shabby considering I only uploaded one video during that time.

This is mostly passive traffic from my collection of videos.

So yes, I know social media is “where it’s at” today, but I believe many of you are leaving a lot on the table by ignoring YouTube and all the added exposure and traffic it can bring over time.

Not to mention, it’s a much less crowded arena when it comes to SEO!

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