7 Tips to Driving Traffic Through Video Marketing

Video is an excellent way to increase traffic and exposure for your brand and business. Are you effectively using video in order to market your business? Using different kinds of video should ideally be used in order to connect your products and/or services with your audience.

Here are seven key ways to use video to increase traffic to your site as well as increase your conversion rates.

1. Use how-to videos to drive traffic.

How-to videos attract viewers who are ready to buy. Basically, they have an issue they need solved and it’s up to you to teach them. In fact, statistics reveal that almost 1 out of 3 people say they bought a product or service as a direct result of seeing a how-to video on the subject.

Videos appear in more than half of all keyword searches in Google and over 80 percent of those come from YouTube, which is why it’s crucial to optimize your SEO keywords in your video. Create detailed meta descriptions of your video. If you like, you can also add transcripts as well. Create engaging videos that will inspire your audience to take action.

2. Use product videos to increase your conversion rates.

Because website visitors are almost 80 percent more likely to purchase a product upon watching a video or tutorial about it, it’s best to create promotional videos that are relatively short in length that highlight the primary features and benefits of your products or services and place them on your site. Incorporating great video doesn’t necessarily mean shooting and filming something new all the time. In many cases, promotional videos are simply repurposed images of certain products with fresh narrative.

3. Increase sales using video ads.

Currently, online video ads are the most effective ad medium. More than 70 percent of ad agencies claim that video ads online are as effective, if not more, than television advertising. Video ads have the power to greatly increase click-through rates. Create product video ads and then upload them on both YouTube and Facebook and also create short videos for Instagram and Vine to further increase your brand.

4. Get users on board using product walkthroughs.

Make sure your users have an easy, fun, and smooth process getting on board with your brand so they’ll stick around.

Put yourself in your users’ shoes and try to see their perspective before you begin making your videos. Choose the most common ways your product can be used. Next, slowly and clearly illustrate the user process while keeping in mind that your potential buyers have no previous knowledge of your product or service.

5. Retarget your potential buyers.

One of the best ways to use video marketing online is to retarget individuals who visited your YouTube channel or site, but for whatever reason chose not to buy.

On your YouTube channel, create a fresh video remarketing list by starting a new campaign. Then select which video you want to promote on YouTube, just like you would when launching a video campaign. On your Facebook page, create a special audience just for retargeting visitors from your main page or a certain product page.

6. Create proof by using customer testimonials.

Ask if some of your long-time customers would be willing and able to record a short testimonial on behalf of your brand. If they live nearby, invite them to your office or store in order to shoot the video. Another idea is to set up your camera gear at a spot at a special event and simply approach your customers there. Encourage them to talk about their experience with your product or service and how it helped them with their problem.

7. Use captions and subtitles. 

On YouTube, use captions and subtitling for people who have their volume turned off or speak a different language. The text you submit is also read by the search engine on YouTube, which means greater opportunity to rank for more keywords.

Overall, there are several different kinds of videos to create that will enhance your marketing strategies and drive traffic to your site to result in more conversions. Remember to focus on the strengths of your brand and effectively highlight them through video content in order to gain more customers.

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